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Our mission is to share and impart experience thus expediting development without dictating. To share experience and encourage contribution, to evolve, and to speed up decision making. But also to respect nature and evolution.

“Failure is not trying, Failing is giving up, Success means walking The Walk not just talking the talk"

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Success is making a difference and meeting your own goals, success is feeding your mind and your family without harming others.n Set your core goals down, keep them simple, then add nice to haves and aspirational goals. Water and food are essential a Ferrari is not !

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The contributors to this website have an average age of 62, they have an average work experience and life experience of 40 years. They have made millions of pounds, worked in multiple sectors, made and lost companies, had good times and bad, we aim to help you have more good times than bad !

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Marine Legal MDL Dispute

This article reflects my personal views and opinion only, everything on it is I believe to be factual,  can be supported by documentation but in fact is just my opinion. Free speech in this country is allowed, defamation law is very clear. GoDaddy do not endorse my views or opinions. MDL dispute my views and Opinions, if they didn’t we wouldn’t have put this website up. Please see the BLOG to see more facts. MDL Marinas Is a Registered Trade Mark, We do not proport too be them or associated with them in any way

MDL Dispute Background

The lead Up I bought my SeaRay 200 Select in 2003, I Bought it with the proceeds (Ironicaly) from settling a court case with Norwich Union.you can see the details of that case here, https://www.casemine.com/judgement/uk/5a8ff7a260d03e7f57eb08ff this was settled (Out of court agreement case sealed) in the high court chancery division in front of three Law Lords, I ran a website about that case, Norwich union eventually paid a significant sum to have the website taken down in addition to the out of court settlement. I Paid 17,000 for my boat in 2003  Between then and 2020  I have maintained her myself