We Now Have The Particulars Of Claim.

We have now received the particulars of claim, you can see them in the documents section. We had hoped that MDL had started to see the opportunity to avoid a court case by settling out of court. This no longer appears the case.

I Will shortly publish my defence to the claim, together with details of MDL’s bizarre attempt to make and then withdraw a part 36 offer (Details to follow) within an hour of making the offer. 

MDL appear to think that there is something wrong in posting the factual documents concerning this case, and that there is something wrong in expressing my view.

It may be that MDL attempt top get the courts direction to require me to remove this site, I will of Course resist that, but in any case now that we have so many subscribers and the site has been viewed (impressions) over 1,000,000 times, we will simply move the subscribers and the factual data to the new site, having first made sure that we comply fully with the courts directions. And that the new site does not give MDL any justified reason for complaint. See Form Here

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